The COVID-19 pandemic has further revealed to us the inequities that are deeply rooted in our systems and institutions. For five days you will receive an email that explores difficult topics like structural racism, segregation, and privilege to open up dialogue on how we can be champions of equity in our personal and professional lives. 

Our goal? You take the time to reflect and learn how racial inequities permeate our community on an individual, institutional and systemic levels, and how we’re seeing these inequities unfold during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are all impacted by the system of racism in our country and therefore all responsible for dismantling the structures that allow it to persist. The final day of the Challenge will offer tools and resources for taking action locally in Erie County 

Our hope is that as a result of the Challenge more people in our community, instead of asking “what will someone else do?” will ask “what must I do?” 

We want to thank the YWCA of Greater Cleveland and Food Solutions New England for inspiring this challenge. Food Solutions New England was the first to adapt an exercise from Dr. Eddie Moore and Debby Irving’s book into the interactive 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge, which they launched in 2014.
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